The Team at SG Real Estate is our greatest asset and we're proud to have a diverse and inclusive team, where differences are valued and celebrated. Our team is passionate about the work and committed to contributing to an atmosphere that's productive and conducive to the success of our goals. Through collaboration, dedication, and unity, the SG Team shares a common vision and is inspired to challenge themselves, discover their passion, and realize their potential.

“We are inherently positive people and have great vibes before we walk in the door because we love life and we love what we do. We despise mediocrity and work hard to achieve greatness every single day. We pursue our purpose with passion and use what we do to positively impact the world.”


SG team list

Derron Sanders


SG team list

Selam Sanders


SG team list

Monil Shah


SG team list

Iryna Nykolayko

HR/ Training and Development


There are truly no ’employees’ here at SG.  We are all one unified team, with an unmatched level of
cohesion, confidence, creativity and camaraderie to best serve our clients.

– Derron Sanders
CEO, SG Real Estate