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Which Tea To Sip On, Based On Your Astrological Sign

Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea? The next time you’re shuffling through your tea bags and aren’t sure which one to go for, why not choose one that complements your astrological sign? Here’s what astrologers recommend for each sign come tea time.

Aries: Rooibos
Also known as red tea, it has been recommended rooibos for Aries because it’s thought to be a healthy tea for the liver. The liver is the seed of anger, and Aries has a hot temper. Rooibos is also caffeine-free—a good thing for naturally fiery energized Aries.

Taurus: English breakfast
Taurus folks are all about luxury. English breakfast matches up with your classy tastes and gives you the ability to customize with milk and sugar if you wish. And unlike Aries, Taurus is a sign that can take a little caffeine buzz every now and again.

Gemini: Peppermint
The first air sign of the zodiac, Gemini is “perky, light, and has a little zing to it,” the twins explain—just like peppermint tea. Plus, peppermint’s light but the zesty flavor just screams Gemini.

Cancer: Chamomile
Who better to sip on a cozy cup of chamomile than nurturing Cancer? These folks love to soothe and comfort, according to the twins, and they deserve to give some of that love back to themselves. A cup of chamomile before bed is just what these caring crabs can use at the end of the day—and they’ll probably brew enough for their loved ones, too.

Leo: Iced Hibiscus
The twins note that those who fall under Leo, a sign ruled by the sun, could use something to “help them cool down a little bit.” Any iced tea can do the trick, but for one with a bit of a kick and personality, they recommend iced hibiscus tea.

Virgo: Jasmine
Virgo’s love a sensory experience, and jasmine tea not only tastes great but smells great too. In fact, the smell alone can help ease tension—perfect for the sometimes high-strung Virgo. Plus, the twins note, Virgo’s “like flowers an are nature-oriented,” so jasmine tea offers plenty of benefits to this Earth sign.

Libra: Green
Green tea is perfect for the balance-seeking Libra since these folks just want some light, rejuvenating energy. It’s also got some caffeine, but not too much, and tons of antioxidants for the health-conscious sign.

Scorpio: Chai
If Scorpio was a tea, it would definitely be chai, the twins say. It’s spicy, robust, and the flavor profile is intense, just like the deep and complicated Scorpio’s of the world. Plus, “chai can be dirty,” the twins add if you want to add an extra shot of espresso for a caffeine boost.

Sagittarius: Cinnamon orange
As Sagittarius themselves, the twins are fans of a warming, spicy, cinnamon orange tea. (You may have seen it referred to as “Bengal” tea.) It has a ton of health benefits, particularly fighting off bacterial and fungal infections, which is good news for Sagittarius’, who can be prone to intestinal infections.

Capricorn: Earl grey
As the last Earth sign in the zodiac, Capricorns are keen on a classic, old school, and timeless taste. Enter, earl grey. The twins say earl grey is the definition of Capricorn energy—Capricorns even like the color grey! Plus, it has a good amount of caffeine to help these hard-working folks get the job done.

Aquarius: White
White tea is delicate and light, just like Aquarius. It’s “airy, clear, and minimally processed,” the twins say, which are qualities Aquarius’ will appreciate. Plus, it has a bit of caffeine, but not much, which is good for the sometimes scatter-brained Aquarius.

Pisces: Lavender
And finally, for the last sign of the zodiac, we have Pisces. The twins say a soothing lavender tea is great for those sensitive, dreamy folks. It can be tough for Pisces to stand strong in tough moments, and lavender is well known for improving mood, calming stress, and helping people get to sleep—where Pisces can dream the night away.